Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dollish Polish Swatches- Welcome to Rapture and Zombie Flesh

Hey look at me, I'm almost done playing catch up on my photos!  After this, I should only have one more and it's a pretty neat one.  :-)

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite things about nail polish is the names that people come up with for the colors.  When I first got into nail polish, I found out about Dollish Polish and her famous shade of Zombie Flesh.  

Now there were all sorts of reasons why I needed this color, I don't really have that many green polishes for one thing.  I also love the layered of the look of the cream/jelly polishes with glitter, like Hard Candy's Candy Sprinkles or Illamasqua's Speckled polishes.  But finally, the main reason I needed this polish was it's fantastic name of Zombie Flesh.  It sounds gross, so I needed it.  

Zombie Flesh is a puke green creally with dark green glitter in various sizes.  The picture shows three coats of polish.  Part of the reason I love these kind of polishes is that the sheerness allows you to see the lower layers of glitter.  It gives your nails are whole different look than if it was just a straight cream polish.  

The other nail polish I bought from Dollish Polish was called Welcome to Rapture.  When I first saw the name, I squeaked like the nerdy little fangirl I am.  Nail polish with a reference to the boytoy's favorite video game?  Yes please!  I am a super supportive girlfriend. ;-)

Welcome to Rapture is chock full of different colored glitter.  The inspiration behind it is supposed to be that moment in Bioshock when you first see Rapture from the bathosphere, specifically all the different colors and lights you see.  I really like the way the glitter looks over basic polish.  For my picture I alternated between Sally Hansen's Calypso Blue and Zoya's Jacqueline. I really like the way it looks over different colors and how heavy the glitter is.  It is dense and disperses pretty evenly over the nail.  In my opinion, it is a good multicolored glitter to have on hand.  To bad Dollish Polish is discontinuing it.  :-(