Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Untried Wednesday: Rainbow Honey Sugarberries

I have a basket that I keep next to my desk of all my untried polishes, after they are swatched on sticks and are added to my spreadsheet.  I had been doing so well on witting them down and I had finally gotten below thirty bottles.  I know there are two different responses to that.  The casual nail polish enthusiast is shocked and maybe appalled that I have so many.  The junkie probably just snorted with derision and said "that's it?".  

Now if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my latest haul, which added too many more polishes to my untrieds.  It included make up, stamping stuff, and of course, lots of polish.  You will see swatches of those up here in the next couple of weeks so just stay tuned!

Today's untried polish isn't super new to my basket, it is actually from my Black Friday Haul from last year.  It was not one I had picked out for my self, but a free gift that Rainbow Honey included with purchase and I am very glad that they did.  It is a red jelly jam packed with gold hexes in various sizes and large iridescent hexes.  Even with all the glitter it was still easy to work with and was opaque in two coats.  There was no need for dabbing on the glitter or anything.  It dispersed easily on the nail.

The full sized bottle of this polish is on sale on the Rainbow Honey site here.  From $10 it has dropped to $7.  If you're interested go check it out!

As the usual kind reminder, these products were purchased with my own money.  I am not cool enough to have companies send me free stuff to review them. ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Random Post: Nonie Creme Color Prevails Swatches

Hey all, this impromptu hiatus is finally over.  Life as just been chaotic and I finally just put the breaks on it all and cut some stuff out that were just taking over everything.  They just were not that necessary.  I missed LacquerVixen and I needed to make time for her and all of my other personal projects.

Today I have swatches of two Nonie Cream Color Prevails polishes which have just started popping up at Walgreens.  This is a new make up line created by the creative mind behind Butter London.  They aim to have multi purpose products that are ergonomically designed.

As you can see from the polish bottles, it is an odd but beautiful shape.  I love how different it looks with that butterfly wing, but I was not sure how easily I would be able to paint with it.  It seemed awkward and bulky, but once I actually started using the polish it was very easy.  You do grip the brush between your index finger and thumb, your index curved over the wing and the wing resting on your thumb.  The polish did glide on my nails with minimal clean up, which for me is a feat.

This first polish is Cocky, a mauvey red toned purple cream.  The formula was smooth and easy to work with.  On a swatch stick, it was opaque in one coat, but on the nail it did need two coats.  

This is Frock Star, a silver microglitter with teal and pink specks.  It is so amazingly shiny that I almost cannot deal with it.  It is so reflective that I couldn't really get a good picture of it.  That or my camera just sucks.  Hopefully I can manage to get a new one soon.  The teal and pink are also really hard to see unless you are looking closely at it.  It took three coats to be mostly opaque with a few bald spots, but I was happy with it.  Sponging on the glitter would probably make it completely opaque in three coats, possibly even two.

Over all, I love the bottles and I think the formula is pretty good.  They do retail at Walgreens for around $8 I think.  I swear the price tag was $10, but they rang up at $8 and the sales girl didn't know anything about a sale.  I want to go back and see if I can pick out any other particularly unique to my collection colors.  :-)

As the usual kind reminder, these products were purchased with my own money.  I am not cool enough to have companies send me free stuff to review them. ;)