Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Laquerlicious Mini Haul and Swatches

I love Instagram, just saying that off the bat right now.  If I ever get a few minutes, first thing I have to do is check my Instagram feed and see if anyone has posted anything new.  It's kind of an addiction really.
So I was trying to find a good nail polish for Valentine's Day that is glitzy enough to work for Las Vegas, since the boytoy is taking me to Vegas.  :-)  Darcy from Sparrow Nails helped me out on Instagram and suggested Laquerlicious on etsy.  And since I lack self control, I couldn't buy just one.
Ocean Treasure and Cherished Cherub are gorgeous sparkly babies that made me really happy.   Both colors are jellies, full of glitter shards and shaped confetti.  Cherished Cherub I'm holding off on using until next month, but I didn't have a problem swiping Ocean Treasure on my nails.
Ocean Treasure is a blue jelly with blue and green shards and little silver stars.  It layers beautifully, leaving the glitter to look like it's at the bottom of the sea.  My only problem was that it was so hard to get the stars.  On my entire left hand I got one.  I tried digging in the bottle, and I just could not find any.
I really do love the color, I just hope that next time I use it, the confetti isn't so sparse.  If you're interested in the polish check out Laquerlicious Unity.

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