Thursday, March 7, 2013

Julep Maven March Box

It's that time of the month again!  Julep Maven boxes are being delivered and I got to play with my new colors last night.  The March colors were inspired by a childhood favorite, sidewalk chalk.  The colors are pretty pastels that are great for Spring. 

I chose It Girl this month, partially because I really like Simone and Shanae, but mostly because I didn't want the Rock Star hand cream at all.  I just can not stand floral scents, they just all smell gross to me.  The box ended up including Simone, Shanae, and Teri, along with a Strawberry Mint lipbalm. 

Simone is a lilac color with the barest hint of a blue shimmer.  It's visible in the bottle, but on the nail, the shimmer dissapears.  Shanae has the same shimmer, but in a pastel mint color. Teri is different from the others, only in the sense that it is not quite as pale.  It is creme, coral color.

When I first opened my Maven box, I knew that I had to do something involving all the colors.  Eventually, I decided on just doing diagonal stripes.  First I painted my nails all in Teri, then did a line of Simone, Shanae, and painted the very tips in Teri again.  To give it that complete chalk look, I added Julep's matte top coat and called it a night.  Teri painted on solid in one thick coat.  Simone and Shanae took two medium coats.  I love the way the colors ended up looking together.  Maybe next month I'll use all three again and braid them together. 

To finish this post off, I thought I'd throw in my most prized piece of sidewalk art.  When my mom found it in our backyard, she was annoyed.  But whatever, I regret nothing!!

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