Sunday, March 3, 2013

Las Vegas Nail Polish Haul

So almost two months ago I declared I would not buy any nail polish for six weeks.  The end of the six weeks actually fell on my Vegas weekend, so ever better.  Once I was there and had already done a little nail polish shopping at Sephora and H&M, I walked into one of the two ABC Stores in Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile and was greeted by this display.

So of course I bought some for myself.  Along with some for my mom, my partner in crime, and totally awesome nail mail buddy Megan at You've Got Nail!  This is what I ended up getting through out the weekend, minus two more cuticle oils, one color change polish, and two more regular polishes that were all for Megan and all Island Girl.  I didn't need her seeing my haul picture then knowing what I had gotten her!

As soon as we got home, I HAD to try one of these, it was like an itch that wouldn't be sated until I tried something.  I ended up picking Island Lei, a pink metallic color with silver shimmer in it.  It painted on in one opaque coat and I love the color.  The only problem was that the color came off in huge sheet.  It's okay if you're like me and end up changing your polish ever other day, but for normal people, not so great. 

Just to finish this all off, I'm going to add a picture that has nothing to do with nail polish, but it's nerdy and in Vegas, so it's acceptable.  I went to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, all excited for a ice blended mocha, then they charged me $7.  Seven dollars for a coffee?!  I almost threw a fit until I saw their tip jar.

Fluttershy is my favorite pony, ever.

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