Monday, August 25, 2014

Mani Monday- Mad Love Affair

Guess who's back?  Back again!  I feel like a clip of Eminem needs to be inserted here.  I guess that reference dated me a tad.  Now you know that I was a teenager in the early 2000's.  :-P  Bad news first, my computer is still being a pain and totally needs to be updated.  I don't see it getting fixed any time soon.  Good news is that if I don't need to click my mouse pad very much, or if I'm not on it for very long, I can totally still do my blog posts on it.  So yay!  Let's back into it then.

For Mani Monday, I bring you guys a pretty mani that would be cute for a special date night or Valentines day.  I used Opi's Affair in Red Square, Squishy Face Polish in Truly, Madly, Deeply, and some heart shaped NailVinyls.

Affair in Red Square.  Oh be still my polish loving heart.  All I can say about this polish, is that it is the sexiest red I have ever seen.  Two coats and you get a bright, glowing, and shimmery polish that is just gorgeous.  Ah! I just cannot control myself.  It may be my favorite red polish.

Truely, Madly, Deeply.  I love white based crellys with different color combinations.  This polish has white and red hexes, and black glitters, hexes, and small glitters.  Three coats and this polish is opaque enough to cover the nail line, but still sheer enough to show the glitters underneath.  While three coats may sound like a lot, that's usually par for the course when it comes to crellys.  If it were any more opaque, you would not be able to see the nifty glitters.  To top it off, the color combination reminds me of Resident Evil and the Umbrella Corporation.  So hey, any polish that reminds me of zombies is always good.  Squishy Face is currently down from what I assume is a restock frenzy, but you can find her shop here.  To keep up on her sales, you can follow her on Instagram.

Have I said before that I love NailVinyls?  They make nail art so easy and it looks like you are super talented.  As I've said before, when you work with any tape product, make sure your polish ENTIRELY DRY.  If not, it will pull and destroy your base colors.  It's happened so many times for me it is ridiculous.  There was cursing and screaming.  Stuff was thrown around the apartment.  It was not pretty.  These heart shaped NailVinyls were a limited edition release for Valentine's Day, so unfortunately they're not available on the store front.  Though there are plenty of vendors on Storenvy that sell vinyls and probably have heart shapes.

I placed a heart on my middle finger and painted one thick coat of Affair in Red Square over the whole nail, and quickly removed the vinyl with needle nose tweezers.  I did make a tiny ding, so I carefully painted over the dent.  Finally I cleaned up my edges, top coated my nails, and voila!  Completed, cutesy nail art.  I loved the way this ended up and I will have to do this again next time the boytoy takes me on a special date.  ;-)

As the usual kind reminder, these polishes were not sent to me for review.  I got them as a birthday present.  :-)

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