Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Random Post: Black Friday Haul and Experience

Hey everyone!  I have a different kind of post for everyone today.  Like so many other polish junkies, I took advantage of the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sales that so many polish brands offered.  All of my orders finally came in today, so I wanted to show them off and talk about my experience with them.  I made orders from ZoyaStarrilyRainbow HoneyShopKeeki.  Keep reading to see what I bought.

Zoya had various daily sales on their site, but the one I went with was their Cyber Monday deal.  It was a "Mystery Box and Bag" that was going to be a great deal for $15 and free shipping.  Yeah, I should have learned better from my last mystery experience.

Zoya's Mystery Box came with three mini polishes, a mini set of their Color Lock system, a Qtica Natural Nail Growth Simulator, Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm, and two coupons for a future online order.  My issue with this bag are all the minis.  Okay, first off the mini Color Lock set.  I have received this as a free item at Ulta before for buying three full sized polishes, so I think that's kind of cheating.  Also, the three mini polishes were disappointing, more because I'm not a huge fan of minis.  I like my bottles full sized thank you very much.  As you will also see later in this post, I actually received a trio of minis and a full sized cuticle balm for free with an order.  My brain keeps thinking I spent $15 for a lip balm.

The polishes I received were Willa (black cream), Anja (plum cream), and Rekha (red cream).  Now they are all lovely, one coat polishes, so that makes me like them a little more.  The Intense Lip Balm is thick and helped a good amount with my super dry lips.  Really, it's not terrible, but I think I would have liked it better with a couple of full sized polishes instead of minis.  It seemed too much like free stuff.

The largest order I made was from Starrily.  All of the polishes were discounted and for every $50 you spent you received a free mini polish.  (Yeah we know what I think about minis, but I was planning on giving it as a gift.)  So I made a large order, with plans to give a few as Christmas presents and waited for a shipping email.  Nine days after my order nothing had happened, so I emailed them to check out.  There was no response.  Day twelve I sent them a message on facebook.  Nothing.  They did close the storefront and say that they had gotten overrun with orders and were trying to catch up.  At no point did they ever answer my inquiries.  I had even commented on an Instagram picture, and that was ignored.  Now, let me explain something.  I understand that small businesses can get swamped with orders and that it takes time.  My issues where that I made my order on Thanksgiving day and it took fifteen days for it to ship and that all of my attempts at communication were ignored.  If even one of my emails had been responded to, I would have been perfectly happy with the wait.  It is just terrible customer service to ignore your customers.  That is what drove me crazy.

I do LOVE all these polishes.  They are so gorgeous that I'm almost okay with the wait.  The glitters were super dense and the crellies were opaque in two coats.  If I do decide to make another order with them in the future, I know to avoid the crazy sales.

Out of the all the orders I made, Rainbow Honey was my favorite.  They were only 20% off, so I only made a small order of two polishes I had been lemming after for a good long while.  I was pleasantly surprised to find an extra gift of three mini polishes and a full sized tube of their cuticle balm.  I made a $16 order and I received about $16 of extra free stuff.  Does it make sense as to why I was disappointed with my Zoya Mystery Bag?

Other than the fantastic customer service, I have discovered I love the polishes.  The glitter toppers are dense and spread evenly, the glitters and jellies are opaque in two coats, and the cream is opaque in one.  I need to order a bunch more of Rainbow Honey polishes now.  Take my money!

Now, my Shop Keeki order wasn't technically a Black Friday purchase, because it is a UK shop so they weren't having a sale, but I did make a random order on Thanksgiving and it still managed to get here a week before all my other US orders.  They have a lot of options and I'm super excited to start using these.  Keep an eye out for future manis with these guys!

As the usual kind reminder, these products were purchased with my own money.  I spent a LOT of money.  I am not cool enough to have companies send me free stuff to review them. ;)

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