Saturday, June 22, 2013

Femme Fatale Lacquer- Mermaids in the Midst Swatches

UPDATE- I've worn this polish for four days and it was PERFECT until just now.  This is the longest lasting any polish has been on me in a very long time.

Not going to lie, looking at my nails right now while I type this I want to squee because I love this polish so much.  It's squishy and glittery and makes me so happy.

That is what Mermaids in the Midst looks like in the bottle.  It is described as a plum jelly base with holographic teal, gold, and purple glitters, the teal glitter being the biggest ones.  I've never owned a true jelly polish before and this one really caught my eye, to top it off the name has mermaids.  AND it was actually in stock.  Of course I had to get it.

For my picture I used four coats.  I know it sounds a bit excessive, but from my understanding it's not uncommon when it comes to jellies.  I would have been fine at three coats, but I had forgotten to put my top coat between coats two and three, so it ended up being four.  Even then, it wasn't as dark of a color as the swatches shown on the listing.  I am okay with that because I did really thin coats and I can only assume that thicker coats were used in for the picture.  Even with that my nail line was not visible, so even better.

In it's full dark plum, sparkly glory Mermaids in the Midst seems like a good color for the holidays.  I feel like I'll be using this color a lot during those cooler winter months.

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