Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May Nail Art Part 2

Hey look! I'm finally continuing this nail art post!

In this third mani, all of the polishes except for the black one, which is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Onyx, I got from my swap last month with Megan over at You've Got Mail!  Seriously, that girl decimated my wish list.  There is like next to nothing left.

The pink is Essie's Peach Daquiri, which in really life looks a little bit peachier and less hot pink.  It was still a pretty neon color, which is why I had to use it.  Generally, I can't do neons.  Something about them turns me off.  Whenever I have tried painting at my nails with various neon colors, I always end up just staring at them, not because they're super pretty but because they are distracting.  Almost in a bad way.  This one though, I LOVED.  Maybe it's why I went the extra mile, or four, of doing some full nail art.  I swiped two medium thickness coats of this color for full coverage on three nails.  Then I painted three coats of Color Club's Magic Attraction for full coverage.  It is a silver and holo glitter with specks of pink in it.

On my middle finger, I used one layer of Shopaholic from Pop Culture Cosmetics, just a fuchsia glitter. On the remaining two nails I used my trusty dotting tools and black polish to make big polka dots and filled in the empty space with little ones.  The whole thing was topped with my usual Sally Hansen Insta Dry (in the red bottle), which you can see smeared the dots a little bit.  

I got a lot of compliments on those nails.  I had my nails painted like that when I was sent to New Employee training and people kept commenting on them.  People kept being shocked when I said that I had done them myself while I was bored.  To top it off it was super easy!  

My last bit of nail art was inspired by one of the boytoy's coworkers.  She is obsessed with the Minions from Despicable Me and she was having a birthday party.  So what better way to get ready for a party then to draw some Minions?

For the three nails I started out with two coats of Nicole by OPIs Hit the Lights from the Selena Gomez line on my left hand and three on my right.  Does that happen to anyone else where it takes more coats to properly coat the nails on your off hand?  The color is a touch splotchy, but I really like it because it reminds me of macaroni and cheese.  The blue overalls are Essie's Butler Please.  I used the same black as always for these along with China Glaze White on White for the eyes and teeth.  The edges of the goggles are Sally Hansen's Celeb City, the best silver ever.  

My favorite part of Despicable Me is the part were Gru wins Agnes the stuffed unicorn at the carnival and she screams out "IT'S SO FLUFFY, I'M GOING TO DIE".  At the time, I felt this was my fluffiest unicorn polish.  As of yesterday though, I own Dollish Polish's It's So Fluffy, I'm Going to Die!, so not the case anymore.  

My two accent nails were done in JENsations Unicorns and Rainbows, which she no longer has up anymore.  My other lovely, nail mail buddy Candace over at CinnamonKandy sent me this in out last swap.  For some reason, people seem to think I love unicorns.  :-P  This was an awesome polish very similar to that ice cream sprinkles trend that is going on right now.  The reason why I love this one is that the glitter is all the colors of the rainbow.  I ended up doing three coats, not because it needed it, but because I couldn't stop using it, if that makes sense.

Hope you guys enjoy this!  Hopefully I have some more up soon!

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