Friday, February 1, 2013

February Nail Art Challenge - Day 1 Hearts

Since we know I love instagram, it would come as no surprise when I say that I found a nail art challenge and had to do it.  This is Californails' challenge, aptly called the "Totally Doable, I Have a Life! Challenge".  Instead of doing a new nail art every day, you are challenged to create something new every few days.  It's good because then it forces me to try new things.

Okay so maybe it's not the most impressive thing, but this was my fifth attempt.  I just got so frustrated with everything that I just gave up and stuck heart shaped confetti on my ring finger on top of Opi's Princesses Rule!  Originally my plan was to stamp multiple hearts on my nails.  First I used Julep's Grace as a base to keep Princesses Rule from being so transparent.  Unfortunately, it just would not dry.  It kept getting smudged and shifting around.  I suspect that is why Julep's Madison smudged when I used it last time in my first post here.  
So I just took it all off, and did three coats of Princesses Rule.  Then the stamp hearts smeared everywhere.  I took off all the nail polish again and tried cutting heart shapes out of some tape to sponge on some red hearts, and the tape messed up the pink.  Eventually, I just suck the nifty confetti on top of Princesses Rule, heavily covered the whole thing in top coat and called it a night.  
So maybe the challenge isn't off to a fantastic start, but I'm still going to try my best to go through with it.  Next challenge is flowers, hopefully it goes better than this one and I don't cop out by using the flower shaped rhinestones I have sitting in my box of nail junk.  
On the plus side, I do love Princesses Rule.  It's a shimmery, girly pink that is really subdued for when you want to change things up from the usual crazy colors.  It is really sheer though, in the pictures I used three thin coats to get that amount of coverage and there is still a little bit of visible nail line.  

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