Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Day Barbie Glitter Nails

So I know this is super late, but in my defense I was trying to pack for Vegas and do a ton of laundry, then we actually went to Vegas. Then there was no chance of me actually blogging in Vegas because the boytoy demands all of my attention.  But I have a Vegas mani to post and a haul to talk about.  Super exciting stuff here.  

This is my mani from Valentines day.  I swiped on two coats of Sally Hansen Back to the Fuchsia which is a bright pink creme polish with just the lightest hint of blue shimmer in it.  If it wasn't for the blue shimmer, it would probably be a dupe for Zoya's Morgan.  Back to the Fuchsia kind of reminds me of Lush's candy scented shower gel, Snow Fairy, at least color wise.  

Afterwards, my natural response was to pile on as much glitter as possible.  I did a coat of Laquerlicious Cherished Cherub for glitter and Nicole by OPI's Love Your Life for the hearts.  Cherished Cherub has orange hearts, but no matter how much I dug around in the bottle I could not pull out any hearts.  It was a pain to get off, but I didn't have any chipping what so ever when I finally took it off.

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