Friday, June 20, 2014

Hard to Find Friday: Max Factor Sunny Pink and Dazzling Blue

I've always wanted Max Factor's Fantasy Fire, which is the most well known dupe for the infamous Clarins 230.  Let's be honest, there is no way I'm spending $100 plus on a nail polish.  I'm not THAT crazy.  :-P  I already own Color Club's The Uptown which is pretty similar to Clarins 230, but Fantasy Fire is supposed to be the closest.  So when one of my best friends went to England for her honeymoon earlier this year, I kindly requested (demanded) that she bring me back a bottle of Fantasy Fire.  Unfortunately, she could not find it, but she did bring me two other gorgeous polishes.  As a side note, if you have any interest in screenwriting, she has a tumblr blog called WriterLyn.  Check her out!  She has a fancy Master's degree and totally knows what she's talking about.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided that these two polishes should still be considered "hard to find".  While it is true that it is available in drugstores, it is only in English bookstores.  There is no other way of getting it.  I know, I've looked.  Last I checked, flying over the Atlantic Ocean for a nail polish makes it a bit hard to find. ;-)

First off today I have Dazzling Blue.  This is a shimmery blue polish with a bit of green duochrome.  I love these kind of colors in my polish.  It just screams mermaid to me.  I used two medium coats for the picture.  

This is Sunny Pink.  It is another shimmery polish with a duochrome finish.  In this case it's a delicate baby pink with gold duochrome.  It's just such a pretty princess color that I can't help, but love it.  This was four thick coats for this level of opacity.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may already know that one of my biggest pet peeves for polish is the dreaded visible nail line.  Now while my nails were shorter this was not that big of an issue, but now that my nails have gotten longer, VNL is something that happens far too often for me.  You may be looking at these pictures and know that I'm going to start whining about the VNL.

Yes, my nail line is driving me crazy, but I suspect that these polishes are more toppers than polishes that are meant to be worn on their own, especially considering that I had to use four coats for Sunny Pink.  

So if you happen to be in England or know someone who is, these polishes would be very pretty additions to any collection.  Their sheerness makes them a little different than more commonly available similar colors.  

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