Friday, June 13, 2014

Hard to Find Friday: Pop Culture Cosmetics Fairytales

When I came up with Hard to Find Friday, I thought that they would be useful to my readers because hopefully my reviews and swatches would tell you if that rare polish was worth the effort of finding it and the excessive amount of money it probably cost.  But today, after I had swatched this polish and had started planning this post, I discovered I could not find any trace of this color anywhere.  I couldn't find it on the Pop Culture Cosmetics site or any blogger swatches.  Amazing nail buddy CinnamonKandy sent me this polish earlier this year with other polishes from the same collection, which are still up on the site available for sale.  So who knows what happened to this poor polish?

This polish is a teal blue crelly with various sized circle glitter in fuchsia, baby pink, blue, and purple.  It sounds like this polish would be awesome, but no.  The formula sucked.  That may sound super negative from me, but oh my, it was so bad.  The polish was very goopy, to begin.  It was really difficult to work with, so even after the two THICK coats you see on there, there was still bald patches and VNL.  Also the circle glitters stuck together and came out onto my brush in thick globs.  On my nail they would all stick together and refused to be placed.  There was no way to spread them out around my nail.  As a result of this, the glitter would not lay flat on my nail and kept it looking very bumpy.  Even after I did a thick coat of HK Girl as my top coat.

My guess is that they figured out the formula sucked and pulled it from the store.  I have other Pop Culture Cosmetics polishes, and they tend to be on the thicker side, but the formulas are not as terrible as this one.  I am still able to move around the glitter and make my nails pretty.  This polish was just a big dud to me, and not worth trying to find it.

As a kind reminder, while this polish was not purchased with my own money, it was given to me by a friend.  I am still not cool enough to get free polish from companies.  :-)

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