Saturday, December 6, 2014

Swatch Saturday: Picture Polish Krytonite

Yay!  It's December!  So like I've said before, ALL THE HOLIDAY COLORS!  I'm not a big fan of over the top holiday colors, I much prefer to use what I have to make a holiday themed manicure myself.  Picture Polish Kryptonite is one of those colors that looks gorgeous any time of the year, but during December it screams Christmas to me.  

It is a dark green jelly with a scattered holographic glitter.  I needed two coats to reach opacity and it is just so pretty!  When I first bought this polish, I bought it entirely because of the name.  Superman is probably my least favorite superhero and Kryptonite lets me pretend that I may be able to backhand Superman.  Yes, that is how my brain works some times.  Though, now I love this polish.  So hey, I may break my fingers if I slapped Superman, but at least my nails would be fabulous in the cast.

 Kryptonite is from Picture Polish's first Blogger Collaboration Collection from 2012.  The blogger  behind the polish is Cathy of More Nail Polish.  Picture Polish is an Australian indie brand and you can find their storefront here.  I personally prefer Llarowe for all my overseas indie needs.

As a side note, this polish was purchased with my own money.  I am not cool enough to have people send me polishes just to review them. ;-)

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