Friday, May 9, 2014

Hard to Find Friday: China Glaze Cast a Spell

So I love Halloween.  Or maybe I just love dressing up.  Or maybe I love the free candy?  Whatever the reason is, I know I also love the dark, murky, burnt polishes that China Glaze comes out with in their Halloween collections.  I love them so much that I'm wearing them during the not Halloween season, like May. :-P

Today I am showing you guys Cast a Spell, which is from the 2012 Halloween collection.  It is a fantastic color, let me just tell you that right off the bat.  (Ha! Bat! Halloween! Get it??)  Cast a Spell is a blackened green polish with green and gold shimmers.  With every movement, the colors change on the nail and I cannot stop staring at it.  Also, It was a ONE COATER.  Whaaaaat?  Seriously I adore this polish and I am so glad I bought it on Amazon on a whim to complete free shipping.  If you can get your hands on this polish, do it.  The formula was a good even consistency and it is just so pretty.  

Okay, I should stop rambling.  Hope you guys are at least a little intrigued by this polish.

As a side note, this polish was purchased with my own money.  I am not cool enough to have people send me polishes just to review them. ;-)

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