Friday, May 16, 2014

Hard to Find Friday: Deborah Lippmann Wicked Collection

Woooo!  It's Friday once again and here I bring you Hard to Find Friday.  My pick for today is Deborah Lippmann's Wicked collection.  It came out late last fall, I believe exclusively to Sephora and the Deborah Lippmann website, in celebration of Wicked's ten year anniversary on Broadway.

I got to see Wicked when it was playing at the Pantages Theater a long while ago and I adored it.  It is probably one of my favorite musicals of all time, second to Phantom of the Opera.  It gave such a different spin on the original story of Wizard of Oz that you walk out of the theater having completely different feelings for the characters.  And the music was amazing.  Seriously, Idina Menzel has the most amazing voice ever.  Like when I'm driving in my car blasting to the soundtrack and belting out the songs, I die a little.  Partially because my voice cracks and I can't do it too, but mostly because she's amazing.

As much as I know that people love listening to me ramble like a crazy fangirl, let's get to the important stuff, nail polish.  This collection includes three mini sized bottles with the names One Short Day, Defying Gravity, and Popular.  I feel each of the polishes do a good job of referencing their songs.

First off, wow I'm sorry how blurry my nails look in this picture.  Also I look a lot tanner than I really am.  If I had seen this before I would have taken a new picture.  Unfortunately, my index finger is already chipping, which is not against the polish but my own body chemistry.  Polish never lasts on that finger.  :-(  Let's see if I can do a good enough job of describing my opinions on this collection.  

One Short Day is a dark emerald jelly polish with green glitters in in.  The formula was pretty thick and went on opaquely in one coat.  Pretty awesome I think.  I think it does a pretty decent job of capturing the glitz that is the famed Emerald City.  Defying Gravity is a slightly dusty, emerald cream.  It was opaque in two careful coats.  I had to go over one nail with a third coat to cover up a little patch.  Now, Popular was the polish I had the highest hopes for and the one that disappointed me the most.  It is a bright pink polish with a hint of blue shimmer, which I love.  Unfortunately, the picture is the polish after FOUR COATS.  There is still a ton of visible nail line and I hate me some VNL.  That and sinking glitters are probably the two things I hate the most with polishes.  If it had been just a little more opaque, I would have loved it.  It would have been an awesome jelly polish, but it's just so sheer.  

All the other reviews that I have seen of this polish set have been very positive, so it makes me wonder if I got a dud when it came to Popular.  I hope that is the case because if it is, this is a very solid collection I think.  Both greens were pretty and had good formulas.  Popular would have been amazing if it was not so sheer.  

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