Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Untried Wednesday: LynBDesigns Nightmare Revisted

Hey guys!  Sorry for disappearing for a few days, but I've been caught up with other stuff that by the time I can blog, I'm passing out.  So last Sunday, the darling boytoy proposed, eight days after our five year anniversary.  *gasp* *shocker* *finally* :-P  We're thinking of getting married Fall 2015, so I have time, but it's just so exciting that I want to just hit the ground running and start planning stuff.  I may be just a little crazy and a bit excitable.  Stay tuned for a picture of the ring.  I have a polish I'm planning on matching it to, because that's totally a nail junkie thing to do.

So moving on to today!  It's Untried Wednesday, so I bring you LynBDesigns' Nightmare Revisited.  I made an order almost two weeks ago with her during one of her 50% off sales and this was one of the polishes I got.  It looks like she does sales like these a lot, so if you're interested, just follow her here and keep an eye out.  With the sale they end up being $4-$5 a piece, which is a steal.

Nightmare Revisted is from her Nightmare Before Christmas collection.  It is a fuchsia, raspberry jelly holo, which took three coats for me.  I would chalk up the third coat to the fact that my nails are pretty long.  At two coats it was opaque and smooth, but I could still see a fair bit of visible nail line.  If you're nails were shorter or you weren't so crazy about VNL like I am, you probably would have been fine.  Three coats though was good.  I do find that this is usually the case with jellies though, and not the polish itself.

Please ignore my small chip on my index finger.  I've been wearing the polish for a day before taking the picture because it's been so overcast.  :-/

Isn't this color amazing though?  Jelly, linear holo, and raspberry are some of my favorite polish things ever.  Every time I'm outside in the sun, I'm constantly being dazzled by it.  The color is gorgeous, and really next time there's a sale, this is a color that you need to own.  You can see her shop here.  She has quite a few collections inspired by different nerdy things.  I did get a polish from her Alice in Wonderland collection and one from her Sherlock collection, so stay tuned for reviews on those.  I do have a list of others I need to go back for during a future sale.

Maybe this is me being oblivious, but what exactly would this color have to do with Nightmare Before Christmas?  LynB describes this color as "a killer", but I'm still a little confused.  Maybe I'm missing something?

As the usual side note, this polish was purchased with my own money.  I am not cool enough to have people send me polishes just to review them. ;-)

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