Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Random Post: Essie's Summer 2014 Collection Too Taboo

Greetings my fellow polish junkies!  I hope you all are having a good week so far.  I know mine has been pretty awesome so far, and a large part of it has been because of the darling love of my life, CinnamonKandy.  We did a hometown swap and how could we not send each other more polishes?

So because we lack self control, she sent me four of the new polishes from Essie's new summer 2014 collection, Too Taboo.

Aren't they so pretty??  Just looking at the picture though, Too Taboo looks awfully like DJ Play That Song and Vices Versa looks like The More the Merrier from last year's summer collection.  But we all know that the big brands are always recycling the same colors.  Kandy ended up sending me Too Taboo, Chills & Thrills, I'm Addicted, and Sitting Pretty.   

I pulled out my own bottle of DJ Play that Song and placed it next to Too Taboo.  Too Taboo is on the left and DJ Play that Song is on the left.  Lucky for my poor junkie heart, Too Taboo is pinker version. I used to call DJ Play that Song a radiant orchid color, but looking at both of them side by side, I would say that Too Taboo is a good version of Pantone's Color of the Year.  I can totally justify having both.  ;-)

To start things off, I am not a fan of spending a day swatching different polishes, painting on one color then taking it off as soon as you've taken pictures to start on another.  That's not my thing.  I much prefer to either do just one color, or do a skittle mani.  Which is what I did.  From left to right I am wearing Sittin' Pretty, Too Taboo, Chills & Thrills, and I'm Addicted.  The above picture is of the polishes with two coats and no top coat.  They were all opaque and painted on relatively easily.  Most of the reviews I've seen of this collection says that they were difficult polishes and required three or more coats.  I did not have any issues with these polishes.  Sure, there is maybe the barest hint of VNL with Sittin' Pretty (the lilac cream), but it didn't bother me at all and VNL is one of the things that bug me the most with polishes.  Too Taboo dries to a waxy finish, unlike the rest of the polishes which dry glossy.

Would I call these polishes neon?  No.  I know summertime is when all the make up brands bring out their neon colors, but I've never been a huge fan of neons.  I would call these colors "brights" and I do enjoy them.  :-)

As a side note, while I did not pay for these polishes myself, they were gifted to me by a friend and not sent to me by any company for reviewing purposes.  I'm not that cool to be getting free stuff.

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