Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Untried Wednesday: Emily de Molly Candy Coated

Happy Hump Day guys!  The week is half way over and then this weekend I get to go on vacation!  The boytoy and I are going to Vegas for our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY.  Holy shit.  We've been together a really long time, it's kind of daunting, but the trip will be fun so I'm excited.  There will be lots of eating, drinking, and sightseeing.  Also I found a discount beauty supply shop in Las Vegas, so I am totally going to be dragging the boytoy there.  Stay tuned for an inevitable haul post.

Like I mentioned before, I have four new themed days here on LacquerVixen and this is going to be the last one.  Wednesdays will now be known as Untried Wednesdays!  What I classify as an "untried polish" for the purposes of this blog, is one of my many polishes that I have not worn yet, but is still readily available.  If you can go out to your usual polish store, be it Sally's, Target, Ulta, Sephora, or whatever and find it on the shelves, then I would show it here.  Same goes for the mom and pop beauty supply shops or indie sellers online.  Now if the only way you can get this polish is going to be from a discount beauty supply or eBay/Amazon, it will come up in Hard to Find Friday.  Makes sense?  I hope so and that I did not just ramble for a paragraph.  :-)

Today's polish will be my one and only Emily de Molly polish in Candy Coated.  Emily de Molly is an Australian brand, and while that may make it a little difficult to get, it is available on Llarowe, which is my favorite indie polish vendor for "exotic polishes from around the world".  It is currently out of stock, but it has not been discontinued.

According to Llarowe, Candy Coated is a light blue cream with a blue shimmer and pink glitter.  looking at it on my nails, I'd have to disagree.  First off, the polish looks almost aqua in real life, not light blue.  Also, in the bottle you do see some pretty blue shimmer, but it doesn't translate onto the nail at all.  Pretty disappointing I'd say.  I do love the pink glitter though.  I don't know if I just got a weird bottle, but it didn't really fit the description.  Don't get me wrong, I do love the color and I don't regret having it at all.  

As a side note, while I did not pay for these polishes myself, they were gifted to me by a friend and not sent to me by any company for reviewing purposes.  I'm not that cool to be getting free stuff.

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