Sunday, October 26, 2014

Random Post: ZILLA Polishes

Exciting news!  I have polishes for you all today that were sent to me for review.  Exciting!  I feel like a legitimate blogger.  Over all, I am happy with these polishes by ZILLA from her upcoming fall collection.  They should be available on her shop tentatively come November 1st.  So lets look at these swatches.

Cobwebs is a charcoal jelly dense with shimmer.  The first coat was very sheer and had very little coverage, so I began to panic.  Second coat is what you see in the picture.  As we all know, sheer polishes are not really my thing, but it is pretty and the polish paints on smoothly.  I can see this over most dark creams.  I feel like they would end up dusty, shimmery, and very pretty.  It kind of reminds me of the Sally Hansen Smoky Top Coat that so many people were obsessing over a few months ago.  The name of Cobwebs fits this polish really well.  

Fussy Hussy was the polish I was most excited for.  When I unwrapped this from the bubble wrap I oohed and aahed.  Mr. LacquerVixen gave me that "you're a crazy polish person and I don't understand you" look and went back to his video games.  ;-P  Fussy Hussy is a teal glitter topper with teal holographic small hexes, iridescent squares and pink large hexes.  I loved the combination of the glitters and was really excited to see the pink hexes.  Now, for the pink hexes I did have to do some fishing to get one on each nail, but I blame that on the mini bottle and brush.  I bet that wouldn't be an issue with a full sized bottle since there were a good amount of hexes.  I used one coat of the polish for my picture.  

In the bottle, Scattering was the least impressive.  It looks brown with little pink hexes and some glitter. This is the one that shocked me the most.  On the nail it is a burgundy jelly with pink hexes and holographic specks.  The combination seems really unique to me and I know I do not have anything like it in my stash.  Scattering probably ended up as my favorite polish from the bunch.  For the picture I used two coats.

Overall, I think that these ZILLA polishes are pretty unique and a welcome addition to my collection.  :-)

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