Thursday, October 2, 2014

Random Post: September Empties

Hey look, a random post and it's my September Empties to boot!  I haven't done one of these since since July, but now that my computer is up and running again and I've gotten back into the swing of things I had a new post about my trash.  This batch it big so lets get started!

1. OPI Nail Envy: What can I say about this that hasn't been said before?  Nail Envy is the only nail hardener I will use.  It works well for me and I feel that my nails have gotten a bit harder since I've been using it.  Would I repurchase?  Already have.

2. Essie First Base:  First Base is an adhesive top coat that I enjoy.  This is the second bottle I have gone through, so obviously it has worked for me.  Would I repurchase?  Eventually.  I managed to get my hands on a giant refill bottle of ORLY's Bonder, so I'm set on a sticky base for a while.

3. CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat: This is a mini bottle of one of those at home gelesque top coats.  It has some UV components, so the bottle is blacked out.  I use this as my top coat on my toes.  I will skip the base coat and use whatever polish happens to strike my fancy, then top coat it with the Vinylux.  I've gone two weeks like that without a single chip on my toes, and most of the time I wear close toed shoes.  Would I repurchase?  I already bought the full sized bottle.  :-)

4. Lorac 3D Liquid Luster in Gold:  The Liquid Luster is a glitter topper for eyeshadow.  It is amazing and fabulous.  I will dab a little on my eyes and feel like the glittery diva I am, without looking trashy.  The only sadness is that my bottle dried up.  It must have been left open for too long because I also have the Opal shade and that was is still perfectly fine.  Would I repurchase?  Definitely.  I'm already eyeballing the Christmas set that Lorac is releasing.

5. Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer: This is the deluxe size that came with the Lorac Pro Palette (the original one).  It's a pretty decent primer, but I don't think it's amazing.  My Urban Decay Primer Potion was still better.  At the end of the day, I would still have some creasing with the Behind the Scenes primer.  Would I repurchase?  Meh probably not.  If I got it for free I'd use it though.

6. Cosmetic Cotton: I don't really have a brand name for this, it's in Japanese.  :-(  But I do love it!  I got it at Daiso Japan which is this awesome Japanese discount store chain.  Everything is only $1.50 unless marked differently, and they just have so much cute stuff!  The Cosmetic Cotton are little square shaped cotton pads which I think do a fantastic job of taking off most polish.  They tend to fall apart on the really chunky glitter, but they work wonders on everything else.  Would I repurchase?  I already have two boxes as back up!

7. Rubbing Alcohol: Now you may wonder why I have a bottle of rubbing alcohol in my beauty empties.  The reason is pretty boring.  I like to swipe a cotton ball damp with alcohol on my nails before I paint them to get rid of oils.  My nail beds tend to be oily, so I have to go through a longer process if I want my polish to stay longer than a day.  Would I repurchase? Yes, already have.

8. Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Farmstand Apple: Okay, first off we all know that the Bath and Body Works is good.  I really enjoyed the smell of this soap.  In case I haven't said it before, my favorite scent is apple, but none of that cinnamon apple spice.  I like pure apple smells.  This soap gave me that scent I enjoyed so much.  Would I repurchase?  Sure.  If I can find it on sale, absolutely, but it's only soap so I'm not going to search it out.

9. Dove Go Fresh Revive in Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent: What's an empty's post without some deodorant?  This is my usual deodorant that I've been using for a couple of years.  It's a good solid one that lasts me all day.  The container does claim 48 hours, but I doubt it would actually go that long.  But then the idea of not reapplying it every morning seems kind of gross to me.  Would I repurchase?  Yeap.

10. Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Shower Gel: Okay so as a shower gel it does its job well, it lathers well and leaves you clean, but I HATE the smell.  I abhor floral scents so much, they just smell so bad to me.  I made the boytoy finish this for me.  Would I repurchase?  Noooooope.

11. Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer: This is my usual face moisturizer.  It doesn't me feeling oily and greasy.  The boytoy even loves it, so we share.  Would I repurchase?  Of course.

12. LOreal Voluminous Miss Manga in Blackest Black: I love this stuff so much.  I love the dramatic effect that it gives my lashes.  I know this is a very hit and miss mascara with people.  Some people say it gives them spidery lashes.  They're just wearing too much.  Would I repurchase?  Absolutely, especially after I finish the stockpile of mascaras I have.

13. Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express: Meh.  I was unimpressed with this mascara, it was underwhelming.  Honestly, the only reason it's in an empties post is because it had dried up.  Would I repurchase?  Nope, not with so many other better options out there.

14. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist: What I finished a lip product???  Big shocker.  It's a good solid nude colored lip gloss that left my lips feeling moisturized and it tasted good. :-P  Would I repurchase? Probably after I widdle down my collection of lip products.

15. Maybelline Color Whisper in Plum Prospect:  And there's a second lip product here too!!  Plum Prospect was a bright pinkish purple lipstick.  It was super moisturizing and I'm kind of sad it's finished.  Would I repurchase? Definitely, especially in different colors.

16. LOreal True MAtch Super Blendable Powder in W4: This is my usual powder.  I can't say much about it, but I like it.  It does a good job and it's cheap.  This is probably my fifth or sixth compact.  Would I repurchase?  Yeah, I'm already waiting for Ulta to have a sale on LOreal.

Wow that was ridiculously long.  Jeez, I shouldn't let it go this long between trash posts!

As the usual kind reminder, these products were purchased with my own money.  I am not cool enough to have companies send me free stuff to review them. ;)

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