Monday, November 17, 2014

Mani Monday: Red Nails for #meetupinthe714 and a Giveaway!!

Hey all, sorry this is coming up a little bit later in the day, but yesterday kicked my butt.  In case you did not hear, yesterday Yvette from @blisspolish held a meet up in Westminster and of course @lacqueredmizzy and I had to go to represent San Diego.  It was a blast, I spent too much money, met some cool new people, and came home exhausted.  I had such a headache when I got home that I just passed out.  Too much excitement for little ol' me.  If you're interested, make sure you search #meetupinthe714 on IG to see all of our pictures and everyone's red nails.  I'm still a little shellshocked that I got to meet @SealorePolish, @PolishTBH, and @sloteazzy.  Yeah, I'm still fangirling a little.  Just a tad.

So for the meet up Yvette asked us to rock our red manis and I always use events like this to try to do something different for me.  
On my thumb and pinkie I am wearing Zoya's Jacqueline from their Spring 2013 collection.  I call it a vanilla cream and while the first coat was a bit streaky, like most whiteish creams, the second coat leveled this out perfectly.  Honestly, this is one of those polishes that I have boughten entirely because of the name, but I love it now.
On my pointer finger I have Julep's Myrtle.  It is a pretty solid red cream that was opaque in two coats.  I have two other identical red polishes, so I've been trying to use this one up for a while.  Luckily this mani finally finished off my bottle, so I can move on.  If you like it, I say go for OPI Big Apple Red or Essie Size Matters off the top of my head.  They are big bottles and cheaper.  I am sure that every brand out there has a red cream just like this.  
On my middle finger I am wearing wearing two coats of ORLY's Bling.  It is a gold holographic micro glitter.   It is the gold version of this season's must have polish, ORLY's Mirrorball.  Okay I love this polish, if you can find it pick it up.  Even indoors the holo is obvious.  It is totally worth it.  
Finally on my ring finger I am wearing two coats of OPI Magazine Cover Mouse.  It is a red Liquid Sand with a bit of pink shimmer.   I have yet to meet a Liquid Sand I did not love, and this one does not disappoint.  

On top of Zoya's Jacqueline I painted on some leopard print with my dotting tools.  The centers are a large dot of Myrtle and I painted "C" shapes around them with my usual black Cult Nails Fetish.  I filled in some of the blank spots with ORLY's Bling because I can't stop using it.  On my pointer finger I glued on a bow.  I randomly bought these on eBay, if you're interested just search "3D nail art bow" and you'll find lots of options.  I do use gel resin to get that on my nails instead of regular nail glue.  I would especially suggest it for something big like this.  Finally on top of Bling I drew a little heart in Myrtle and a heart in Fetish on top of Magazine Cover Mouse.

Yeah, I loved this mani and I'm actually of disappointed that my bows popped off after two days.  I could have totally rocked it for another day.

So here's my super exciting news!  In honor of my 100th post I'm having a giveaway.   I have most of the things for it, I'm just waiting on one part.  Hopefully I'll open it on Wednesday, if not Friday at the latest.  So stay tuned!

As the usual kind reminder, these products were purchased with my own money.  I am not cool enough to have companies send me free stuff to review them. ;)

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