Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Random Post: Essie Wedding Collection

Wow, look at me with all these posts with relatively new collections and polishes.  I know, shocker.  As I've mentioned before, I go through phases with polish.  For a while I'll get bored and be unimpressed with the new stuff coming out.  Or I'll see my basket of untried polishes and feel bad that I have so many.  And then something will click for me and I'll go shopping crazy.  I've boughten so many new polishes this past month, it's pretty bad.  Shhhh don't tell.  ;-P

Today I have the 2015 Essie Wedding Collection.  It is made up of four sheer, neutral colored polishes and two bright colors.  I picked up the three that spoke to me the most.  Over all the colors look very nice in the bottle and the lace design on the bottle cap is very cute.  

First off, I have Brides No Grooms.  It is a bright pink cream with just a touch of jelly that dried to a glossy finish.  It took two coats for complete opacity on my nails.  The formula was smooth and very easy to work with.  I have only minimal clean up with all of the polishes.  It is a fun party color or a nice toe color.  I would say that I wouldn't wear something like that on my nails for my wedding, but then I'm planning on wearing a dark plum holo for my special day.  :-P

This orange tined red cream is Happy Wife Happy Life.  As soon as I saw these polishes I needed this one, and I have no shame in saying that it was entirely because of the name.  I love the color red, but I am never really drawn to red polish.  I think it looks weird on my nails, I do love it on my toes though.  This polish is just the right shade of red that I do not mind it on my nails.  ;-)  It was two coats for complete opacity.  

Finally, I have Hubby for Desert and this was the polish that surprised me the most.  It is a pale, lilac cream jelly.  I had gotten it thinking that it would be a good neutral color that was just slightly different enough to not be boring.  Little did I know that this formula was fantastic.  It was so smooth and leveled out perfectly to a squishy crelly formula.  I did one coat on my index and middle fingers and two on my others because I wanted to show just how smooth it was.  Normally polishes like these are very patchy and streaky.  A minimum of three difficult coats is usually par for the course.  But with Hubby for Desert, two coats are completely opaque and one coat is so smooth that I don't really mind the visible nail line.  I foresee this polish coming out a lot when I need just a clean, palette cleansing mani.

 As the usual kind reminder, these products were purchased with my own money.  I am not cool enough to have companies send me free stuff to review them. ;)

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